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Kim Jong Un accuses US of acting in 'bad faith'
? North Korea tried to bill US $2 million for Warmbier's care

Australia plans to kill 2 million 'killer' cats
They're cute, they're fluffy, and they're public enemy number one in Australia.

Thousands evacuated ahead of major storm
Thousands of people were being evacuated to shelters Thursday as powerful Tropical Cyclone Kenneth bore down on northern Mozambique.

How Hong Kong has changed since handover
Hong Kong is a city that never stops moving -- but midway through a 50-year political experiment as it transitions to Chinese rule, not everyone here knows which way they want it to move.

Sri Lanka wary of new attacks
Sri Lankans of different faiths are being urged to pray privately amid fears of further attacks, and the country's prime minister tells CNN that security forces are still working to pick up terrorist "sleepers."

Celebrities are now giving each other stocks as gifts
Are you looking for the perfect Mother's Day or birthday present? What about stocks?

This is Netflix's not-so-secret weapon
Netflix is arming itself for an intensifying streaming war against well-heeled rivals.

A water shortage could hurt Iraq's oil boom
A shortage of water it needs to keep the wells pumping.

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Points of Progress: Farming drones, and more

Points of Progress: Farming drones, and moreDrone technology is leading an agricultural revolution in rural China. To make up for shrinking rural populations, drones are being deployed to help with manual labor on farms. Using drones also aids farmers economically and environmentally.

The other Mueller finding: How one state addresses Russian hacking risk

The other Mueller finding: How one state addresses Russian hacking riskAmid all the debate over whether the Mueller report incriminates or exonerates President Donald Trump, one salient point is being largely overlooked: Russia interfered in the 2016 election to undermine American democracy as a whole. The intent of Russian meddling was to sow discord in the U.S. political system, said special counsel Robert Mueller in his report to the U.S. Justice Department. ?I guarantee you that Russia is working on hacking this election right now,? says Seth Moulton, a decorated Marine and Democratic congressman from Massachusetts who entered the presidential race this week on promises to bolster national security and restore America?s moral authority in the world.

By playing Korean peacemaker, Putin seeks to revive Russia?s Far East

By playing Korean peacemaker, Putin seeks to revive Russia?s Far EastPresident Vladimir Putin flew from his Kremlin control center across seven time zones of Russian territory to play host ? on his own home turf ? to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the Pacific port of Vladivostok on Thursday. With nuclear talks between the United States and North Korea in at least temporary disarray since they broke down in Hanoi two months ago, Mr. Putin sees an opportunity to insert Russia into the peace process for the first time since the Group of Six negotiations on the Korean crisis, of which Russia was a member, fell apart almost a decade ago. President Donald Trump raised expectations with his extraordinary outreach to the North Korean leader, but after the Hanoi debacle it may now seem to Mr. Kim that he needs to gather a few friends into his corner before facing Mr. Trump again.

As Joe Biden jumps in, the ?front-runner? concept gets scrambled

As Joe Biden jumps in, the ?front-runner? concept gets scrambledThe speculation over whether or not former Vice President Joe Biden would join the crowded 2020 Democratic primary field officially ended Thursday when he released a video declaring his bid for president. The announcement was almost a formality. From the start of the campaign cycle, the press has treated Mr. Biden ? a five-term U.S. senator and popular two-term vice president ? as though he were already running.

  Sri Lanka bombings ringleader died in hotel attack, president says
An Islamist preacher said to have planned Sunday's bombings died in one of the attacks, Sri Lanka's president says.
Anna Delvey: The trial of New York's fake heiress
A woman who pretended to be a wealthy heiress to swindle high society New York is convicted of multiple charges.
SAS pilot walkout strands thousands
The airline cancels 673 flights affecting more than 72,000 passengers.
Tenerife cave: Assault on mother and son 'well-planned'
Spanish police hold a German man suspected of premeditated murder in a remote cave.
Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice asks Trump for deportation help
The family of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice want the president to intervene.
World is angry and stressed, Gallup report says
A study reveals where levels of anger and worry - and positivity and enjoyment - are highest in the world.
Iran TV pulls game shows amid religious gambling row
The equivalent of Who Wants to be a Millionaire is pulled after clerics criticise cash prizes.
Cyclone Kenneth: Flooding feared as heavy rains hit Mozambique
Aid agencies fear deadly flooding and landslides in the wake of Cyclone Kenneth.
Tourist wins Australia defamation case
Sam Oliver sued a TV network after being cleared of assaulting Australia's ex-Rugby Sevens captain.
North Korea summit: Kim accuses US of 'bad faith'
Kim Jong-un said peace on the Korean peninsula would depend entirely on Washington's future attitude.
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K-pop star held on drug charges in latest scandal
K-pop and drama star Park Yu-chun was arrested on Friday on charges of buying and using illegal drugs, a court said, the latest in a series of scandals to hit the South Korean entertainment business.

Sri Lankan police hunt 140 people believed linked to Islamic State after Easter bombings
Sri Lankan police are trying to track down 140 people believed linked to Islamic State, which has claimed responsibility for the Easter Sunday suicide bombings of churches and hotels that killed 253 people, President Maithripala Sirisena said on Friday.

Canadian capital of Ottawa declares state of emergency as waters swell
Rising waters were prompting further evacuations in central Canada on Thursday, with the mayor of the country's capital, Ottawa, declaring a state of emergency and Quebec authorities warning that a hydroelectric dam was at risk of breaking.

Northern Ireland police suspect teenage gunman killed journalist Lyra McKee
Detectives investigating the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in Northern Ireland last week suspect the gunman who shot her dead is in his late teens as they made a further appeal to the local community who they believe know his identity.

Cyclone kills one, leaves trail of destruction across Mozambique
Cyclone Kenneth killed at least one person and left a trail of destruction in northern Mozambique, destroying houses, ripping up trees and knocking out power, authorities said on Friday.