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Category 5 hurricane nearing Mexico's Pacific coast
Hurricane Willa is nearing the Pacific coast of Mexico as a potentially catastrophic Category 5 storm, after experiencing what the National Hurricane Center called "explosive" strengthening over the past 48 hours.

US sails warships through Taiwan Strait amid tensions with China
The US Navy sailed two warships through the Taiwan Strait Monday, a show of force that is bound to irritate Beijing and comes amid heightened US-China tensions on a range of issues.

Migrant caravan presses north toward US border

Ronaldo on rape claim: My lawyers are confident
Cristiano Ronaldo said he was a "happy man" and that the truth will come out about the rape allegation against him, while answering questions Monday at a news conference in Manchester, England.

Roman Reigns gives up WWE title to fight leukemia
Professional wrestler Leati Joseph Anoa?i, better known by his stage name Roman Reigns, has announced that he is stepping away from the ring due to an ongoing fight against leukemia.

GE gets a badly needed win in Iraq
Its beleaguered power business scored a badly needed win by reaching a preliminary agreement to rebuild Iraq's war-torn electric grid.

Saudi Arabia tries to salvage its summit
Saudi Arabia's investment conference this week was once the hottest ticket in business and finance.

Siemens CEO explains why he won't go to Saudi Arabia
In an unusual behind-the-scenes glimpse at corporate decision-making, Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser detailed why he pulled out of this week's Future Investment Initiative in Saudi Arabia.

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After #MeToo, state legislatures make changes

After #MeToo, state legislatures make changesAfter the #MeToo movement picked up steam in late 2017, dozens of politicians faced sexual misconduct allegations. Statehouses promised change. In early January, three-quarters of state legislative chambers were considering or had implemented changes to their own sexual misconduct policies.

He?s no saint ? but Roger Stone insists he?s innocent of Russia collusion

He?s no saint ? but Roger Stone insists he?s innocent of Russia collusionRoger Stone has spent a lifetime cultivating a reputation as a political street fighter of the first order ? a no-holds-barred conservative campaign operative fluent in the dark arts of electoral persuasion and deception. This is a rough-and-tumble game,? Mr. Stone told the Monitor during a wide-ranging, two-hour interview at his home here. In perhaps his most ambitious project, Stone began working as far back as 1988 to convince a flashy, combative New York City real estate developer and eventual reality TV star to run for president of the United States.

Would US quitting the INF treaty rekindle a big-power arms race?

Would US quitting the INF treaty rekindle a big-power arms race?An administration with little love for treaties and the limits they place on the exercise of American power is about to scrap another one ? this time the Reagan-era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. President Trump told a campaign rally over the weekend that he intends to pull the United States out of what is known simply as the INF treaty, and this week he has dispatched his national security adviser, John Bolton, to Moscow to inform Russian President Vladimir Putin of the US decision. Spurred on by Mr. Bolton ? the preeminent hawk in the White House and a longtime critic of the treaty signed with Russia in 1987 ? Trump says he?ll withdraw from what he considers another bad international deal for the US, one he and arms control experts agree Russia has been violating for years.

Why a nuclear-arms pact can save Europe

Why a nuclear-arms pact can save EuropeOn Sunday, Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, asked President Trump to drop his recent call for the United States to leave a nuclear arms treaty that Mr. Gorbachev himself negotiated with President Ronald Reagan in 1987. The pact, which is called the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, has helped keep a relative peace in Europe for more than three decades. It also reflects a growing sentiment among Russians that they can find a home within Europe rather than remain divided over issues such as nuclear threats, the Ukraine conflict, and spy scandals.

  Khashoggi murder planned days ahead, says Turkey's Erdogan
Turkey's president says the writer was killed in a "savage way" and demands the Saudis explain.
Italy budget rejected in unprecedented European Commission move
For the first time, the European Commission has told a member state to change its national budget.
Shipwreck found in Black Sea is 'world's oldest intact'
A Greek merchant ship dating back more than 2,400 years is found almost perfectly preserved.
Poisoned baby food: German jailed for attempted murder
A 54-year-old man is sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison for attempted murder and extortion.
World's longest sea crossing: Hong Kong-Zhuhai bridge opens
The $20bn bridge spanning 55km is an engineering marvel but has been dogged by safety issues and delays.
Palestinian forces routinely arresting and torturing critics - HRW
Palestinians seen as disloyal are beaten and strung up by their own security forces, a report says.
#PasDeVague: French teachers break silence on 'abuse' by students
A teen pointing a fake gun at his teacher angers others into revealing their own stories of bullying.
Elon Musk says Twitter blocked him after Bitcoin tweet
The entrepreneur says Twitter believed his account had been hacked.
Sandra Day O?Connor, US Supreme Court first woman justice, has dementia
Justice O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the top court, says she is withdrawing from public life.
Hurricane Willa: Mexico warns of 'extremely dangerous' storm
The "potentially catastrophic" storm Willa is expected to make landfall late on Tuesday.
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Hurricane Willa closes in on tourist city of Mazatlan
Thousands of people were evacuated, buildings were boarded up and schools closed on Mexico's Pacific coast on Tuesday as Hurricane Willa threatened to batter tourist resorts with high winds and heavy rains.

Saudi signs deals worth $50 billion at investment event despite boycott
Saudi Arabia signed deals worth $50 billion on Tuesday, showing it can still attract investment at a conference boycotted by Western politicians and global business chiefs after the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

UK PM May's spokesman says Khashoggi body parts reports deeply disturbing
Reports of the discovery of body parts of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi are deeply disturbing, British Prime Minister Theresa May's spokesman said on Tuesday.

Kremlin says U.S. plan to quit flawed nuclear pact is dangerous
The Kremlin said on Tuesday that a landmark nuclear arms treaty Washington says it wants to quit had its weak points, but that the U.S. approach of talking about leaving it without proposing a replacement was dangerous.

Putin says he wants to hold new talks with Trump in Paris next month
Russian President Vladimir Putin told U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton on Tuesday he would like to hold new talks with U.S. President Donald Trump, suggesting they meet in Paris next month.