Gujarat Polls: Every impossible is possible for Amit Shah

Union Home Minister, Amit Shah is on a six-day visit to  Gujarat and this was more than sufficient for him to give the master touch to the script of BJP’s victory in the Gujarat Assembly polls.

In view of the Gujarat assembly polls, Amit Shah’s stay in Gujarat for six consecutive days is significant in many ways. The reason being, the six days are going to prove game-changer for BJP in the state elections.

In fact, the last election of the state witnessed the BJP getting reduced to ninety nine out of the 182 assembly seats. The party had a direct contest with Congress. But, this time the arrival of Aam Aadmi Party has changed the political scenario which compelled the BJP to make many important changes in its strategy. Amit Shah has chalked out the master plan that will ensure the victory of the party in the home state.

Strategy No. 1: Caution in the selection of candidates

As per the information received from the sources, the observers appointed by the BJP on 27th, 28th, and 29th will go to all the seats for feedback and on the basis of this feedback, the candidates will be given preference. If negative feedback is received, the chances of ticket getting deducted will increase.

Strategy No. 2: Reducing the Anti-Incumbency Wave

The BJP is in power in Gujarat for the last two decades. In such a situation, it is natural that people get upset with the government, the only way to reduce it is to cut the tickets of the MLAs who are the major sources of dissatisfaction. The reason being, votes are cast in the name of Modi and not in the name of MLAs. Sources reveal that the ticket of about twenty-five percent of the MLAs can be cut.

Strategy No. 3: Master Plan to Handle the Migrants

Gujarat is a state where people from different states work in large numbers for livelihood. According to information received from sources, 15 lakh people from Rajasthan live in Gujarat. BJP has deputed the army of the leaders of Rajasthan to handle them. Similarly, the leaders of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra will also be responsible during the Gujarat assembly elections, where people from their respective states live in large numbers. For this, a researched list is being prepared containing the names of the leaders with deep penetration among their people and these leaders will work under the supervision of Amit Shah.

Strategy No. 4: Capitalizing on Brand Modi

PM Modi has been away from the politics of Gujarat for a long time, but he has a personal connection with the people of Gujarat even today and the people of Gujarat still bless him openly. Therefore, under the leadership of Amit Shah, it has been decided that Modi’s rally should be organized in as many districts as possible where the competition is tough. For this particular objective, a number of 60 seats have been selected.

Strategy No. 5: Creating a Beneficiary Data Base

The BJP government is in power both at the center and in the state and also in each state BJP has prepared a new vote bank. This vote bank includes the people who have benefited from the schemes of the central and state. BJP has decided that party workers should reach out to them and tell them what changes these facilities have made in their lives. According to the information received from the sources, a large number of beneficiaries had voted for the BJP in the UP assembly elections, which directly benefited the BJP. Last time Congress got maximum votes in rural areas and seats were also won where the beneficiary votes are more.

Strategy No. 6: Different Zones, Different Tactics

Keeping in mind the elections, the BJP has divided Gujarat into four zones, out of which Amit Shah has taken the meeting of three zones. There will be a different strategy for each zone. BJP will work on the formula of ‘Booth Jeeto – Chunav Jeeto’. For this, the party is preparing more minutely at the micro-management level.