Living on this earth your life would more than 3000 years

This sounds amazing as far as the human age is concerned, since this is what everyone on this earth aspires to attain. Yes, there exists an earth where human beings can live more than three thousand years.

This is not a discovery for the science since it already does not believe in death calling it a Human Glitch in our human body. That is why this amazes holy poly around the world being the ultimate desire of a human mind for the human body.

As per the scientists this is not a science fiction but a reality and this is happening up there on the surface of the other earth.

Astrophysicist Laetitia Delrez leading an international team of scientists has brought forth saying this planet is around 100 light years away. They say the planet circles around a star which is pretty smaller than the sun in our galaxy.

The research of the scientist shows there are two planets circling around a star named TOI-4306. One of these two planets is quite similar to our Earth but 30 per cent bigger than our earth. This planet has been named as LP 890-9b or TOI-4306b.

Considering the present human average life which is around 73.5 years would turn to 9943 years on the other planet earth – TOI-4306b.