Bihar Flood: Water crossing the danger mark may get worse

Patna. Flood in Bihar gradually worsening the situation. Ganga water crosses danger mark at Patna’s Gandhi Ghat compelling for the warning of more rain.

Ganges water level has continually been rising for the last four days steadily which is creating the possibility of light to moderate rain in Bihar. Unstoppable rain continues to persist for last four days from Sunday on which is creating risk for the people living along the river or its low-lying areas for bigger level of flooding.

Buxar to Kahalgaon the water level of the Ganges is touching the danger mark. Crossing the danger mark at Gandhi Ghat in Patna, water level is creating fear where it is 30 cm higher than the 48.60 meter. Simultaneously at at Hathidah, Munger, Bhagalpur, Kahalgaon and Farakka the water level is above 14 cm from the danger mark.

As per the release of the prediction of the Water Resources Department, a light to moderate rain is expected for next four days. On the other hand same situation seems existing for the catchment areas of the North Bihar rivers.

The obvious effect seeming out of the two aspects is that while arid and dry land is going to hold water and show light soil moisture, a raise in increasing amount of water through many rivers will furthermore enlarge the amount of water in the Ganges.