Gadkari questions: Why only four in Indian units when 6 airbags given in exported vehicles?

This seems to be an answerless question for the other side. Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari speaking to media raised this question. The question is car manufacturers summoning an explanation on why six airbags are installed in their exported vehicles but only four are provided in Indian units.

With all rights on the question the Union minister for roads, transport and highways put a hard question before the manufacturers of economy. He says, “It is beyond comprehension that the same company exports cars with keeping 6 airbags, and for locals it only keeps four airbags in their cars. Does it mean the lives of the poor should not be saved?”

Gadkari considered the explanation fraudulent as given by manufacturers of economy cars on the argument. They say that increasing the number of airbags will increase the cost of the vehicle.

Talking on practical grounds the Minister also told the cost of one airbag which clarifies that just adding the cost of the car  with an airbag of Rs 900 can save a life worth crores of rupees.