INS Vikrant: Empowering Indian Naval Forces

New Delhi.  Modi government is constantly paying attention towards empowering Indian armed forces. And now India’s first home-built aircraft carrier is going to be commissioned.

Indian Navy is Indian Navy is considered as the 7th most powerful navy in the world. It is constantly being empowered with the dedicated efforts of the government. Now INS Vikrant which is India’s first ever home-built aircraft carrier is going to be part of our Navy. As per the announcement Vikrant will be formally commissioned today with its completion of one year of sea trials.

This is a proud fact that with 262 meters length and 62 meters width INS Vikrant is the largest warship made in India and made by India. With a 45,000-tonne heavy weight existence the warship costs around Rupees 20,000 Cr.

The long awaited aircraft carrier is all set to be commissioned by PM Modi which will be stationed at  the Cochin Shipyard. The event will witness the Prime Minister unveil the new Naval Ensign and those will be moments of pride for India. And without any doubt, the new insignia is going to be befitting the rich and proud Indian maritime heritage.