Legal action against AAP leaders sought by Delhi LG


New Delhi. The Aam Admi Party may be in trouble in the days to come. Delhi Lieutenant Governor appears to sue AAP Leaders For Defamation. AAP has attacked the LG with severe allegations He changed banned currency notes worth ₹ 1,400 Cr during the demonetization of 2016 when he was chairman of a government Khadi body.

Subsequently Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Mr. VK Saxena is mulling over suing AAP Leaders for defamation. Refuting the AAP charge as a “figment of imagination”, Lieutenant Governor Saxena today literally threatened to sue the AAP leaders. Terming the charges as highly defamatory and false, Mr. Saxena does not seem to stay indifferent.

Now Delhi Aam Admi Party MLAs Atishi and Saurabh Bharadwaj may face legal music for their corruption allegations against the LG and the tussle might prolong as long as it can.

In accordance with the allegations of the AAP, Mr. Saxena took help of two employees to change banned currency notes worth ₹ 1,400 Cr. During the demonetization period in the year 2016 he used to be chairman of a government Khadi body.

As per an statement issued by the LG office, the allegation attack was called it as the hallmark of Arvind Kejriwal’s team. In which they shoot and scoot and then when compelled to face the truth, apologize.

The statement clarified that the LG has taken a serious note of these defamatory and blatantly false allegations considering them an obviously diversionary act of the Aam Admi Party. Henceforth, a stern legal action against them has been decided ensuring they do not get away with such traditional shooting and scooting any more.
Delhi LG also stated that at the time, a vigilance inquiry took charge to intervene after the revelation of the information saying “certain demonetized notes were deposited in the Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan account.’’ Thereafter four officials also had to face suspension action.