The US halting of the Chinooks means a lot for India

Washington. The latest grapevine has been in fact carrying the reality within. Amrican Army is retiring its fleet of CH-47 Chinook helicopters all of a sudden for no obvious reasons. Though the info has not been properly announced but if it is so. The question is – Does it have something to do with India?

Another question is being raised – Does this grounding of Chinooks has a message for India? The reason being, Chinook choppers are being used by the Indian Air Force as well. Now after this untold info from the US Military, it seems either there is some problems with the helicopter or there is another hidden strategy behind this grounding.

The experts must be mulling over the implications of this development for the IAF now.  So far the US Army has been operating around four hundred medium-lift, multi-role Chinook choppers being manufactured by Boeing for performing a variety of tasks during the Army operations.

Overtly the reason found and told for taking the sudden action by the US Army the helicopter is at risk of engine fires. If so, the same problem also has chances to be persisting in the Chinook Fleet being used by the Indian Air Force.