Drishyam-2 Trailer : The 7 year suspense filled cinematic itch

The trailer almost seems like an extension of the mind of Vijay Salgaonkar. Never missing a beat and keeping us glued to our seats

(Divyaa Kummar)


The trailer of Drishyam-2 Hindi version went viral soon after its release creating online threads across platforms in no time at all.

The sequel starring Tabu and Ajay Devgan in primary roles is back after 7 years. The first film left the audience with a cliffhanger and now the audience can’t wait for Drishyam-2 to hit the theatres on 18th November 2022.

The trailer opens with a shadow of Ajay Devgan with flashes of scenes from Drishyam (the first flick), where he can be seen burying the body of the creep who harassed his family. His voice can be heard over the visuals which sets the tone for what’s in store ” Sach ped ke beej ki tarah ho hai, kitnaa bhi dafnaa lo bahar aa hi jataa hai”.

And the truth is waiting to be unfolded as the case reopens against Vijay Salgaonkar and his family. The whole trailer is a power packed audio visual treat with visuals being shown in flashes and a powerful background score that enhances the dark noir nature of the film’s movie scape and not giving the audience even a moment to think. Bollywood must be congratulated for finally realizing the power of BGM and the composer Anil Johnson does a brilliant job. Kudos to Cinematographer Satheesh Kurup for the brilliant Noir look of the film which when clubbed with the music and crisply editing by Satheesh Kurup makes for a whole different cinematic experience.

The movie which made 2nd October famous for all the wrong reasons also stars the highly underrated actor Akshaye Khanna as the cop who is in the game of chess against Ajay Devgan. This stand off between the two brilliant actors will be the highlight of the film. Tabu as the mother and the cop is the queen in this highly complex chess game of life, death and lies.

If one is to point out the writing, one of the dialogues by Tabu where she says “Maine ek chauthi pass fail ko underestimate karne ki galti ki aur usne ek maa ko underestimate karne ki galti“. The scene is set for the blood games of truth and lies to unfold.

The original cast of the first film reprise their roles. South superstar Shriya Saran as the wife, Ishita Dutta, Mrunal Jadhav as the daughters and Rajat Kapoor as the husband of IG police Tabu’s husband.

The brilliant supporting cast is also back to create a even more interesting Drishyam this time around for the audience.

Akshaye Khanna is just what this film needed. His body language and even the dialogues he has are cheekily powerful and even unnerving. The way he says that Gandhiji and Shastriji both have something in common and that is they were born of 2nd October and then in a flat tone goes onto say “2 October ko kuch aur bhi toh hua thha” makes one want to jump out of one’s seat.

The trailer doesn’t give you a moment to think much like the mind of its protagonist Ajay Devgan. Well edited, crisp and leaving on a note which makes you hankering for more. The end clip is well done with Ajay Devgan making a confession, just we don’t know what.

The man who will go to any length to safeguard his family and even create and live a lie woven in his mind as the gospel truth.

The trailer almost seems like an extension of the mind of Vijay Salgaonkar. Never missing a beat and keeping us glued to our seats.

The only thing that makes one think is this time around the director of the first film Nishikant Kamat is no more and we all miss him. Abhishek Pathak who has been producer till now dons the director’s hat for this one.

Drishyam-2 in it’s original Malayalam avatar starring Mohanlal has already been released last year on the OTT platform. This can be huge spoiler as well as commercial loss for the Hindi version. Though I am sure true blue Bollywood and Ajay Devgan fans will wait for the theatrical release of Drishyam-2 Hindi to find out what games Vijay Salgaonkar has up his sleeve this time and what new Drishyam we get to see through him this time.

And yeah October 2 aur bahut kuch hua thha and the story 7 years later could have only gotten more interesting!