Happy Mast-Mast Birthday, Raveena !!

Bharat Express wishes a Mast-Mast Birthday to Bollywood’s Ravishing Raveena !!

The ‘90s heartthrob who continues to give powerful performances on OTT now, has her bithday today.

Raveena Tandon celebrates another year of being more mast and mature on her birthday 26th October,2022.

On this special day let’s look at some interesting incidents and things that have shaped her life and have made the ‘90s Mast Mast girl relevant even today.

Destiny’s Child not a Nepo Kid

Raveena was born with a silver spoon,  as noted producer Ravi Tandon’s daughter.

But unlike the Bollywood daddies of today Mr.Tandon, raised his daughter to make it on her own and that she did.

While she was in junior college and interning with an Ad agency she got a call from a talent scout to model for an ad film for a fairness cream brand.

Believe it or not in her first ad itself she essayed the role of a star.

Raveena wasn’t looking to be an actor but it seems destiny had bigger plans.

Named with Love

Raveena, is such a unique name and is an amalgamation of her parents’ names.

Ravi and Veena Tandon who gave their darling daughter this loving name.

Beti dearest of course made sure that she made them proud and made a name for herself, which is now etched in the Bollywood Starscape in big, bold, starry letters.


Bollywood Debut : In the name of friendship

Raveena was flooded with offers post her ad appearance but she still wasn’t sure about it and didn’t take up any offers till 1991, when Patthar Ke Phool with Salman Khan came along.

She mentioned in an interview, on the Such and Sudhi show, that her friends insisted she do just this one film and then not do any films further,  if she didn’t want to.
After all, she would get to be around the amazing Salman Khan and her friends could come hang out on the set and get their ultimate fan moment courtesy Raveena.

Dost ho toh Raveena jaisi!

Equality Begins At Home


Mr.Ravi Tandon, Raveena’s father deserves our respect for raising Raveena just as he raised her brother.

Raveena used to drive an open jeep right from her college days. Her father made sure his daughter knew how to change the tires before she got behind the wheels..

This independent thinking can be seen in all the choices that Raveena has made.

Whether it’s choosing path breaking films like Daman or the personal life choices of adopting as a single mother.

She is not merely a sultry siren, dancing to the tune of ‘Tip Tip Barsa Pani’ in the famous yellow chiffon saree.

While she entertains with pizazz, she also commands our respect for being the formidable and forward thinking woman that she is.

All kinds of films

From Dancing in Pigtails to National Award Winner. Raveena’s repertoire of work cuts across decades, mediums and genres. At the peak of her popularity, she starred in the comedy cult classic,  Andaz Apna Apna.

She also saw the commercial success of Mohra with catchy songs that gave her the tag of the Mast Mast girl.

Though there came a time in the ‘90s when she was wrung out dancing in taut leather skirts, boots and pigtails playing the same daddy’s rich girl in love with the poor boy.

In the 2000s, Raveena dared to venture into arthouse cinema with Kalpana Lajmi’s Daman, based on the taboo subject of marital rape.

The results were more than satisfying. What followed were films like Shool, Satta and more recently Mattr.


Over the years she has worked in commercial and arthouse films, hosted and judged television shows and has even been part of the web-series bandwagon.

Multiple Commercial awards starting with her first film in 1991 to the National award in 2003  for Daman are testimony to her mettle.

Boldly Beautiful : Motherhood in her ‘20s


Raveena did the unthinkable when she adopted two young girls and became a mother at just 21.

Back in the ‘90s whenever a magazine would ask her to do a photoshoot especially around a festival, she would get them to donate gifts to one of the orphanages she would often visit.

When a distant cousin’s daughters were suddenly without a family it seemed the natural thing for Raveena to do.

As said by Raveena herself in an interview “ Afterall, charity begins at home”.

Now Raveena is a grandma too. With two biological kids with her producer husband Anil Thadani she is a mother to four children in all.

Raveena, you are giving us some serious life goals.

Rocky Love Ride

Raveena may have been an independent thinking woman but she was also just a girl in love with a boy and she wanted the perfect love story. The boy Akshay Kumar, broke her heart.

Finally she found her perfect ending where it was least expected.

Almost a decade later, when she met film distributor Anil Thadani professionally, he was going through a rough time in his first marriage.

Raveena and he grew closer around this time. Their professional relationship turned into a love forever. Two broken hearts found solace in each other. In 2004, they tied the knot in a grand wedding.

Raveena and Anil have two kids together and it seems all’s well that ends well.

Nature’s Wild Child

Raveena is extremely active on social media coming across as a bold voice, a sassy mom and an actor to reckon with.

If you follow her closely you will find many pictures of wildlife, mountains and nature where Raveena expresses her love for the open wild and all things natural.

Raveena is also an armature wildlife photographer for the longest time. Now that’s another thing that surely adds to her mast, mast tag!

Happy Birthday Raveena!

Its been a pleasure getting to know you.

Keep it wild, Keep it mast, Keep it boldly you, all year around!