Mumtaz-Mehmood: A Pure Bond Still Has To Go through “AGNIPARIKSHA”

Golden Era Still Golden

Golden Era actress Mumtaz rubbishes reports about her alleged link-ups with legendary actor Mehmood.

“Mehmood was like My Brother,” Mumtaz Threatens, “I Will Sue Those Media Persons” Over Her Linkup Reports With Legendary Actor Mehmood.

Golden Era actress Mumtaz was one of the highest-paid actresses from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. She is well-known for films like Ram Aur Shyam in the Year 1967, Mere Hamdam Mere Dost in the yaer 1968 and Brahmachari also in the year 1968.

The actress stays in London with her husband Mayur Wadhwani but a few videos she came across recently on YouTube has riled her up.

The video claimed that the veteran actress was keen to marry legendary actor Mehmood. However, the actor turned her down.

Another YouTube video also claimed that Mumtaz has gained a lot of weight. Now the 75-year-old actress has reacted to the videos.

During a conversation with the media, she was asked about the video that claimed about her wanting to marry Mehmood but he rejected her, to which she said,

“Rubbish, I am very angry at the moment. How can YouTube run such stuff? I will sue those media persons as I did to journalist Devyani Chaubal.”

For the unversed, it was reported that the Ram Aur Shyam actress has no father, which propelled the actress to take her to court. She then further went on to explain her relationship with the legendary actor.

Mumtaz said, “Mehmood was going out with Aruna Irani. He was like my brother. He helped me get ‘Ram Aur Shyam’- the film that is instrumental in making me reach where I reached.

How can anyone talk such rubbish about a person who is no more?”

Talking about her gaining weight, the yesteryear actress refuted it by saying, “Jis kisi ki bhi jo marzi hogi woh, woh bolta jayega?  In baaton se bahut taqleef hoti hai.

I am perfectly fine and certainly don’t want to look like an ugly duckling ever. So I take utmost care of my diet and exercise.

I almost never eat rubbish, I eat small portions at home and I learnt from Akshay Kumar that we shouldn’t eat after 7 pm.”