Another Top Indian: Starbucks invites Laxman as the new CEO

Washington. India is on the top of the world. Time and again the news from all corners of the world keep echoing the same.

Now the Indian-origin Laxman Narasimhan is going to be known as the new CEO of Starbucks. American Coffee giant Company Starbucks on Thursday announced the name of its new Chief Executive Officer.

indian-origin Laxman Narasimhan was so far in news as the PepsiCo Executive and now he is going to begin his new innings. The new chief is not going to join Starbucks this month, he will take the helm in the month of October.

The Indian-origin Laxman Narasimhan will join Starbucks in October but will take the helm in April 2023 finally. Earlier Narsimhan was representing the Reckitt as the CEO which is also known for making Mucinex cold syrup , Durex condoms and Enfamil baby formula.

Until April 2023, the interim Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will sustain as the leader of the company and throughout this time Laxman Narasimhan will closely accompany him in the company affairs.