Relieved TV Anchor Ghai thanks SAT for lifting of trading curbs

As a pleasant news for Television Anchor Hemant Ghai, SAT lifts trading curbs on him.

Earlier Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)  had banned Ghai and family with the allegations of  indulging in fraudulent trading. Giving the second thought over the matter, now the SAT has set aside earlier directions by the SEBI.

Thanking the Tribunal, former CNBC Awaaz anchor, Hemant Ghai and his family members are free now from the restrictions on directly or indirectly buying, selling or dealing in the securities market.

The Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) also has also given relief to Ghai and family removing restrictions on any activity pertaining to giving investment advice, sell or buy recommendations along with publishing of research reports.

Resultantly with the decision of the SAT,  any restrictions placed by the SEBI on any demat and /or bank account belonging to Ghai and family is going to be lifted with immediate effect.

Earlier on 22nd of July 2022 the regulator’s show cause notice of February 24 against Ghai and family was disposed off  with a decision for fresh investigation into the matter.

On July 22, the regulator had disposed off its February 24 show-cause notice against Hemant Ghai and his two family members and ordered fresh investigation. Among the representatives of Ghai and family were Senior Advocate Ravichandra S Hegde, Vishal Khanavkar, Mustafa Doctor, Abhineet Sharma, Samyak Pati,  Parinaz Bharucha, along with the advocates from Parinam Law Associates.