‘Sorry, Baba ji!’ : Uttarakhandi U-turn on Ramdev Drugs ban

The drug ban on Patanjali seems to be over with Uttarakhand authorities making a  U-turn. Upon Ramdev drugs ban U-turn, now Divya Pharmacy can carry on producing Thyrogrit, Eyegrit, Madhugrit, Lipidom and BPgrit.

The 3-day-old order for Patanjali Ayurved to stop production of five drugs under scrutiny, has been retracted by the Uttarakhand regulatory authority on 12th of November 2022.

The above mentioned five drugs were under scrutiny for violations of rules on advertisements pertaining to certain drugs. Now the authority says – Galti se mistake ho gaya!

This retraction was seen on Saturday with letter received by the Divya Pharmacy which was sent by the Uttarakhand Ayurveda and Unani Services Licensing Authority. Divya Pharmacy being Patanjali’s manufacturing unit was earlier subject to the ban on the 6 drugs. Now the letter allowed them saying the firm can continue producing the five drugs and the names of the five drugs were also mentioned in the letter clearly— Thyrogrit, Eyegrit, Madhugrit, Lipidom and BPgrit.

This was a ban by the the licensing authority only for three days. Three days ago on the 9th of November it had directed Divya Pharmacy again through a letter asking them to stop producing the five drugs. It also ordered the Pharmacy to submit revised label claims along with seeking fresh approvals for each. The reason for this reaction of the agency was cited as “repeated contraventions” of drug ad rules.