The mystery behind Mistri’s death still unknown

The business world across India is shocked with the news. In a road accident business tycoon Cyrus Mistry died on Sunday.

The fifty four years old Mistry was travelling through the streets of Palghar in Maharashtra yesterday. The accident does not seem to be natural though being called a natural accident.

It was Cyrus only who was first taken to the nearby hospital in Casa where the helpless doctors declared him dead. The government hospital certainly went through the required procedure of the final examination, but in vain.

Thereafter the senior doctor during the follow-up opined that Cyrus had received a severe head injury in the unfortunate accident. There was internal bleeding within the body found which proved fatal.

The bleeding was still going on when he was brought injured in the hospital but before doctor could do anything, he breathed his last. Doctors said he had died on the way to the hospital.