The Sky-High Daring: Tatas into a crucial phase of turning around Air India

This is kind of a challenging act opting for the flight path of Air India. Tata does well deserve a national appreciation.

Two major issues certainly are going to lay the foundation for the Air-biz tomorrow. The arrival of the new Chief Execution Officer is going to witness a tricky phase of turning around Air India.

The employee alignment and fleet acquisition   are the main issues, the new management will be busy tackling. As per the requirement the core management requires to have an aviation background. Good for the new management, there is no pressure to showcase the results immediately which can efficiently help building uncompromised capabilities.

Keeping the fact in view, Tatas lack the true Air-biz experience along with its expertise. As far as the Vistara and Air Asia are concerned they were basically driven by the partners. At the the Tatas require Air India staff with clear core ‘airline operations’ skillsets.

Realizing the need of the hour, Tatas are heard to have narrowed down on executives without hard-core airline experience on the core crucial senior management posts.