Will Team India reach to the T20 World Cup Semis this time?

Kapil Dev talks his heart no matter how disheartening it is for the fans

As such the probability shows the possibility. If the fans go ahead with what Kapil Dev thinks, then it is a news too dismal for them.

The former India skipper says for Team India there is Just 30% chance to make it in the last four. If this is so, then the match on 23rd of October against the arch-rival Pakistan will also be seen in the dim light of positive expectations.

Kapil Dev, known as the 1983 World Cup-winning  team captain, has all the believable reason to dishearten Indian cricket fans across the globe. The all-rounders assumes the group matches are going to be decisive for the for the not too perfect Indian side.

Being a cricket wizard the statement cannot be ignored though it stops the heart beats of the diehard Indian fans.  Kapil Deve does not see too much merit in the performance of India particularly for the ongoing T20 World Cup and beyond as well.

Kapil Dev has not just been gathering the accolades out of his  the 1983 World Cup-winning performance but also as one of the top all-rounders of his era. He believes a team’s success in the T20 World Cup simply depends upon the number of all-rounders within its squad.