A Momentary Rage, A Girls 15 Storied Flight Lands At Hospital: Mumbai BPO Girl

An official with the Mumbai Police stated on Friday that a 25-year-old man was detained for reportedly attempting to kill his BPO employee girlfriend by shoving her over the water tank of a residential building in suburban Dahisar following an altercation, in which she received serious injuries.

The event happened in the early hours of Sunday at a building where one of the accused’s acquaintances resides, he added.

According to a Dahisar police station officer, the victim, Priyangi Singh, fell 18 feet from the water tank on the terrace of the 15th-floor building.

Mumbai: A boyfriend was arrested in Malad for attempting to murder his girlfriend, leaving the victim paralyzed.

“According to the victim’s father’s complaint, the accused was drunk when he got into an altercation with Priyangi while they were seated on the water tank. In a flash of wrath, he shoved her off the tank “He said.

According to the source, she sustained a significant spinal injury and had surgery at a local hospital.

The accused has been placed in police detention for five days.

The accused lives in Borivali (West) and works in BPO, whereas the victim lives in Malad with her family. According to the official, the police have summoned the accused’s buddy to record his statement.

“We are gathering information on the aggregator cabs that the accused ordered to drive Priyangi to his Borivli flat following the incident and subsequently to her Malad house around 8 a.m.,” he added.

He stated that the police are investigating the CCTV video of the building because it is unclear what exactly transpired at the time of the event.

The accused and the victim have known each other since elementary school. Three months ago, the accused began working for a BPO firm. They fought regularly, but this time was worse, according to the official.

The accused has been charged with murder attempt under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code. “The offender was brought in a local court on Thursday, and he was detained in police custody for five days,” said DCP Smita Patil.