Acid Attack, A Love Story of Unbearable Pain And Scared  Life: Tripura

Love An Unwanted Toxication

Acid assaults, or any attack on either gender, must be loudly condemned and the guilty must be jailed on par with murderers because the victim has chosen not to wed the other person. Unfortunately, when a man is attacked by a woman who is smitten, there is little outrage shown.

According to reports, a Tripuran woman attacked her lover with acid when he declined to wed her. A municipal court in Khowai sentenced the 27-year-old woman to a 14-day judicial hold. Binata Santhal has been named as the accused woman.

The 30-year-old man is presently in serious condition at the Agartala Government Medical College and Hospital. The sufferer suffered wounds to the nose, eyes, and respiratory system.

Binata confessed the crime to the police and revealed that she had been seeing the man for more than eight years. They had moved to Pune when the guy finished his graduation, and they had known each other since their school days.

Santhal was left in Pune when the guy left for Tripura in March 2018. The man cut off all communication with Santhal for the following three months. In August, when the woman went back, she was unable to locate the man in his community. After that, Binata relocated to Ranchi and began working in a health training facility.

She just found out that her ex-partner had started getting close to another lady, which enraged her.

During Durga Puja, the woman met the man at his home in Belcherra village of Khowai in West Tripura and asked him to marry her. When he refused to do so, she scarred him for life with an acid attack.

It is never about how many acid attacks happen over women Vs men. It is one of the most heinous crimes and need to be called out irrespective of the gender.