Beware: New Delivery Scam Can Trick You Any Time

Among many, now a new scam is going viral on the grounds of reality. And any one any time any where can get deceived by this scam since it looks so naturally obvious that you fall in the trap so easily.

The modus operandi of the scam is based on the element of allure. You may receive a parcel through courier on Pay on Delivery basis which was never ordered by you.

This is the point where naturally, you will refuse to receive the same. Customer care on advice of delivery boy will generate an OTP on your mobile and will ask you to share the same with him on pretext of cancellation of the Order. Here is the trap, the moment you share this OTP, your bank account will be wiped out immediately.

The info to alert the citizens is in form of a text which is being forwarded from New Town Police Station, cautioning us against the new mind game.