Central government upset with the goof up: Is CBI to investigate Gymkhana scams?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs itself has raised questions on the working and controversial decisions of government directors appointed to investigate corruption in Delhi Gymkhana Club.

If sources are to be believed, the incident of flying a drone there, putting the security of the Prime Minister’s residence at risk, has also been taken very seriously. Perhaps this is the reason why the initiative has been taken to get the CBI probed into the irregularities in the club. The name of senior BJP leader Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe appointed as the new director in the club is also indicating that some big decisions can be taken soon.

The tall tail got opened up

In fact, due to serious allegations like corruption of crores of rupees in Gymkhana Club and distribution of membership to family members in a fraudulent manner, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs had launched a campaign to conduct an investigation here. In this episode, NCLT also ordered to appoint an administrator here last year. But an officer posted in the ministry, obstructing the investigation, removed Manmohan Juneja, an officer with an honest and tough image, from this post in just a week of appointment. After which Vinod Yadav and Om Pathak were appointed. But instead of investigating, both were themselves surrounded by allegations because of their so-called decisions.

This was the reason that the ministry appointed six people here as directors in April this year. But many of these directors themselves became victims of controversy due to their exploits. After which one of the six directors and former IPS officer K. R. Chandra resigned. It is alleged that the board of directors headed by former IPS Malay Kumar Sinha did not immediately consider it necessary to give this information to the ministry.

Flouting rules do not last long

In fact, it is written in the constitution of the club that in order to take or implement any decision, it is necessary that at least six members or directors should be present in the general meeting of the club. Since one of the six members had resigned, the General Committee had no right to take decisions in any matter. It is alleged that the committee of Chairman Malay Sinha and Secretary Ashish Verma left no stone unturned in flouting the rules. He appointed Rajiv Hora, the former secretary of Delhi Golf Club, as the secretary of Gymkhana without following the procedure. There is also an allegation that an attempt was made to mislead the security agencies in the matter of flying the drone, putting the security of the Prime Minister’s residence at risk.

Indignance of the Ministry

This is the reason why the ministry issued an order on September 20 saying that it is appointing Anita Shah Akela, joint secretary of the ministry, as the director of the club. So that the quorum of the General Committee can be completed and also said that after this the committee will review the decisions taken by the five members again. With this, taking cognizance of the case of the club secretary who was appointed defying the rules, it has been said that now the new secretary will be elected through the prescribed process.

CBI investigation too kicked off

Despite the appointment of government administrators and directors, no concrete initiative has been taken in the last one and a half years to investigate any scams and irregularities. Rather serious allegations have come to the fore against the administrators and directors appointed by the government themselves. Perhaps this is the reason why the decision was taken to conduct a CBI inquiry in this matter. Last month, the CBI team knocked on the club on 06 and 07 October to collect documents related to the scam. During this, documents related to the scandals in the club and Davis Cup were sought. After the activation of CBI, it is believed that the central government does not want to take any laxity in this matter.

Sahasrabuddhe’s appointment

After this three more people were appointed as directors in the club. In which Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, former National Vice President of BJP and former MP, is also included. He is considered a close and trusted leader of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If sources are to be believed, the central government is not happy with the continuous apathy and serious allegations against government directors in matters ranging from flying drones with the PM residence to other matters. This is the reason why Dr. Sahasrabuddhe has been appointed as a director here. It is also believed that some tough decisions may come out soon.