Drones as new style of Pakistani terror attack

The jihadi terrorists are coming up with new Drone conspiracies

Pakistani jihadi groups now opting for drones as there new terror tools, as per the intelligence agencies.

Indian Intelligence agencies reveal that the biggest worry is to stop the transportation of explosives across Indian border. This explosive transportation can be used anywhere in India.

Amit Shah, Union Home Minister is on Jammu and Kashmir visit where the intelligence agencies are busy keeping track of any such unwanted incident. The home ministry is also making efforts for finding a solution of the terror plots which show their shocking presence time and again. Now the new concern of explosive terror transportation by Pakistani jihadists is being a subject to mull over.

As per the straight solution to stop this transportation is by either blasting them while they are entering the Indian border or by jamming the UAVs.

Recently a drone carrying five kilograms of explosive has been captured by the security agencies in Akhnoor sector of Jammu.

The responsibility to counter drones transporting weapons and explosives across the border has now assigned to Border Security Force (BSF) by the Home Minister. The BSF will lead an inter-agency group which will ensure the response as expected by Amit Shah around the 182 km long Indian international border in Jammu, from Pakistan.