Fear psychosis de Mohali MMS: Now they are scared to use washrooms

Chandigarh University Video Leak case has much more to say and there are more invisible messages than seen. This is the stain on the security of female students’ privacy not only in Punjab but all across India.

Now the next outcome out of the breach of privacy, the girl students are scared to use toilet now.

Chandigarh University video leak case earlier witnessed the protests which now has died down after the announcement of the and the university closure for two days by the authorities. Students belonging to nearby cities have also left for home.

As in the Chandigarh video leak case, a girl student has been alleged by the girl students in the university campus, of shooting private videos of hostel-mates. The incident occurred after they caught the girl allegedly shooting a video of another girl taking shower in the middle of the night on Saturday, 17 of September 2022.

Following this the girls came to know through the alleged student caught that there were such sixty videos which have been viral by another student in Shimla.

The student also told that she had forwarded all sixty private videos of her hostel mates to  her boyfriend sitting in Shimla. And as per the allegations some of these videos have also been uploaded on social media as well as a few porn sites.

This revelation sparked huge protests on campus which lasted around last two days.