Job Scam With Chinese Mastermind in Bangaluru

Today Karnataka capital is in news with an Enforcement Directorate raid on 12 entities involving a job scam. With a seizure of Rs 5.85 cr a  Chinese citizens has also been arrested.

The Bengaluru scam belonged to a money collection spree where Rs 20 each was credited to Keepsharer wallets and in response to this the individual was expected to link celebrity videos. Later the app was allegedly removed while the users lost their money.

A huge amount of money was collected through the scam which then was allegedly routed from a bank account belonging to a Bengaluru-based company. This money, as per the sources, was converted into crypto currency being transferred to China-based crypto exchanges.

In accordance with an official statement by the ED, around twelve entities were searched who were involved in a part-time job fraud case in the Karnataka capital seizing Rs 5.85 crore