Chilling Kidnapping & Shocking Murder: Victim Indian family in America

The culprit of the kidnap-murder crime is under arrest now

The crime against Indians once again appears raising its head in the US. What is more shocking is the chilling video showing the kidnapping incident of this Indian-origin family which later on found dead.

This happened in California where a the bodies of the Indo-American family was found by farm worker last evening. Contacting the police came up with a prompt investigation of the murder. The police also succeeded to arrest the culprit who is not in the hospital after a bid of killing himself.

The found dead bodies of the Indian-origin family also include a baby who were earlier kidnapped at gunpoint and led to a truck. The security cameras captured the incident which was later revealed during the investigation. The footage was released by the investigating team a few hours prior to the discovery of the bodies.

Among the dead family members was Aroohi Dheri and the kid was just eight-month-old. Aroohi with her twenty seven year old mother Jasleen Kaur along with her thirty six year old father Jasdeep Singh and thirty nine year uncle Amandeep Singh. The bodies of the family were found at an orchard yesterday yesterday on 5th of October 2022. As a prequel of the crime story, they were all kidnapped from a building in Merced County two days ago on 3rd of October.

the Merced County Sheriff’s Office appreciably worked on the investigation so attentively which even sought help from the people in the area for tracking the culprits down.

For capturing the culprits, the police had also released the chilling video of the moment the family was kidnapped while investigating people around the residence of the Indian family.

In the released video which was also aired by American media shows Jasdeep and Amandeep Singh are seen coming out with their hands zip-tied together. Then within moments the kidnapper also appears out of the building with a gun leading Jasleen and her 8-month-old baby, Aroohi who led them into a truck.

The relatives of the deceased family are in deep shock in India as the family originally belonged to north-Indian state, Punjab.