Liquor Policy Scam: Now 35 raids in 3 states

a pretty bad news for the scamsters arrived this morning

Across Delhi, Hyderabad and Punjab, around three dozen raids are heating up the Liquor Policy case with shaking hearts of many.

Last year the Delhi Excise Policy witnessed its arrival and departure as the implementation and scrapping. The eight months difference between the two occurrences show how badly it pressurized AAP supremo, Kejriwal.

November 17 last year the Liquor Policy was seen implemented but then in the month of July this year, Aam Admi Party felt compelled to withdraw it. Though it was not his inner feeling, it was outside pressure of the probe which might go against the future of the party and party chief if the allegations are found true after the investigation.

The CBI probe which followed by the scrapping of the policy was recommended by VK Saxena, Delhi LG.

Now the new raid-buzz is shaking many hearts with the action this morning by the agency teams.

The new spree of raids launched by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) today are seen active around 35 locations in across Punjab, Delhi and Hyderabad. The ED is pretty preoccupied deepening the money laundering probe into alleged irregularities in the now-scrapped Delhi liquor policy.