Maid robbed Noida family using sleeping pills in soup

The plan was carried out successfully opening eyes of others too

The eye-opening incident took place in the metro city of Uttar Pradesh, Noida. A Family is robbed by a domestic help with a pre-planned conspiracy.

Executing the plan successfully, a house maid put sleeping pills in soup and ran away with the theft. But the plan later on did not work and police caught the accused. The Sunworld Vanalika society is considered as one of the best societies around in Noida.

As per Noida police, the accused belongs to Kathmandu, Nepal was working as a domestic help in the residential building at sector-107.

After working four long years she could not control her greed and got her plan ready for the stealing. After waiting for the right time finally with the help of her friend she succeeded in the theft.

The police also succeeded in arresting the accused while her friend helped in the robbery is still is at large.

The incident took place on Sunday 25th of 2022 when the family drank the soup made by the maid in the morning. The intoxication worked and everybody fell asleep afterwards.

The domestic help as per the plan called up her friend who within no time arrived at the house and both of them fled with the expensive items including some money found in the elmirah.

After the theft when the neighbours came to know about what happened in this house, all the three family members were taken to a hospital. After the initial treatment the doc tors announced them stated to be out of danger.

The local police was also alerted simultaneously which started the investigation and finally caught the accused the next morning.