Noose Tightened on ex-HAL Boss: Alleged misuse of airport entry pass

Noose tightened on the former HAL cheif over the airport entry misuse allegation

Ex-Hindustan Aeronautics Limited chief, RK Tyagi looks in deep trouble with allegations pertaining to the misuse of airport entry pass. For obtaining the pass he allegedly misrepresenting facts.

Being one of the highly influential technocrats holding top positions of the HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) and Pawan Hans Helicopters, allegedly managed to get the Aerodrome Entry Permit (the Airport Entry Pass-AEP) by misrepresenting required facts. Immediately after the matter was highlighted on Twitter by Kalchakra, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) was seen swinging into action. And with that on 9 November 2022 a show cause notice was issued to the ASI (Aeronautical Society of India) to this effect an explanation by the society is sought within next three days.

Aslo Issued a Show Cause Notice

Dr. RK Tyagi, Ex Chairman of HAL, is accused of obtaining an Airport Entry Pass. For that Dr Tyagi allegedly misused his influence in the MCA (Ministry of Civil Aviation) and other required contacts. The AEP was issued to senior Ministry officials, security personnel, ground staff, airline crew along with the other officials. Since, the pass allows entry into high security areas, the BCAS gets a proper applicant verification of credentials done, as per the process. Then it is considered a serious security breach in case Airport Entry Pass is issued violating the laid norms through misrepresenting the facts. And there are case where the people have been sent to prison due to such violation of the norms.

Representation of wrong details

For obtaining an Airport Entry Pass, Dr Tyagi gave wrong details of his employment also. The copy with Kalchakra, clearly shows that his application form mentions Dr Tyagi as the employer of Aeronautical Society of India as  employer, with his designation as the President of the Society. The reality tells that the position is an Honorary position. The allegation reveals that Dr Tyagi fraudulently got issued the ‘all airport all terminal pass’ during his tenure as a President of Aeronautical Society of India in the year 2019. And this is valid till Dec, 19, 2022. (Copy of the existing pass can be checked out with Kalchakra).

The experts find it as a serious security breach, for any one working in private societies, is not authorized for any such Airport Entry Pass.

On the condition of anonymity, a senior official of the society, tells that ”Tyagi, being the President of the Society till 2020 from 2017, as per the bye laws of the society, after relinquishing office stays simply a member of the Governing Council as previous President for 2 years”. He also mentions that, “The honorary position is not  a paid position, therefore, he is not entitled to be treated as employee of the Society as he had claimed in the application form.”

Letter of Recommendation of MoCA

There is also the confirmation from the sources in the society itself that  no one ever retired or working privately has been given an AEP from the Society. Dr Tyagi managed to obtain it through influencing people in the BCAS and MoCA. The members of the society during their service in any airline or in the Ministry of Civil Aviation or, are given the AEPs as per  their working position. Nevertheless, they have to surrender the AEPs while getting retired from airlines, PSU or the Govt positions.