Package Killing A New Trend? Mod Band’s Ayushi Honour Killing

According to police reports, the unnamed child, whose lifeless corpse was discovered last Friday packed inside a suitcase on the Yamuna E-way service road close to Mathura, was murdered by her father.

Nitesh Yadav, father of the deceased Ayushi’s (21), reportedly shot her dead in the name of the family’s honour. The Mathura police have not yet made the confession’s specifics public.

However, sources said that the incident had happened on the afternoon of November 17, 2022. Ayushi’s father reportedly shot her, and thereafter, he wrapped her corpse in plastic and put it in the red suitcase. The other two family members witnessed the murder while it was being committed. Their exact functions, meanwhile, are yet unknown.

Following the killing, the accused is accused of loading the luggage into his car, driving to Mathura, and then leaving it there in the bushes next to the Agricultural Research Center on the Yamuna Expressway service road.

According to sources, the accused was upset with Ayushi because she had been secretive for a while. After a violent disagreement broke out in the home on Friday, she came home, and her father shot her.

On November 18, 2022, police learned of the deceased corpse, and the blind murder inquiry thereafter got under way. According to the police, the deceased suffered many injuries to his head and body in addition to a chest wound caused by a gunshot.

As many as eight teams were formed for the identification the deceased. Two days later, manual surveillance helped cops to trace the girl’s identity as Ayushi Yadav, a BCA student who lived in the Mod bandh area of New Delhi with parents and a brother.

A police team visited her house and brought her mother and brother to Mathura where they identified the dead body.

Father however was missing from the house. He was later taken into custody and brought along with the mother and brother of the deceased to Mathura.

It was revealed that the family had not reported the missing of their girl to the police. The full sequences of events in the case are yet to be unveiled by Mathura police. They are expected to hold a press briefing by Monday evening.