PFI supported by Pakistan, reveal reports

On one hand India witnessed raids on anti-India PFI camps, on the other hand Pakistani officials tweeted in support of PFI. And this came into for just day before the five-year ban.

In accordance with a report, just prior to the ban on the Popular Front of India, the radical fundamentalist organisation took to Twitter for accumulating support against the crackdown on PFI.

A screenshot has also been viral being seen on social media displaying Pakistan Consulate General’s reply to the tweet.

Now post five year ban on the PFI for its terror links and suspected activities, the outfit is trying to gather support from around the globe. The screenshot which has now been deleted shows the tweet by Pakistan’s Canadian Embassy and it was a reply to the help-tweet of the Popular Front of India.

The reports say, the verified handle of Pakistan Consulate General Vancouver reply has also  tagged UN Human Rights, Pakistan foreign office. This clearly seems a possible attempt to amplify PFI’s tweet.