Rajeev killers go ‘shot-free’: The Apex Justice prevails

The killers of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi along with Nalini Sriharan have been freed by Supreme Court.

Good news for the Tamil Nadu government which earlier had recommended the release of them to the state Governor. And this was well noticed by the Supreme Court, and it noted this while ordering their release.

The release order of Nalini Sriharan by the Supreme Court in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case is one such example where legal pardon is seen supreme as a royal justice.

Five more convicts along with Nalini Sriharan in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case now have been freed by the Apex Court after spending thirty one long  years in jail.

Using its extraordinary powers six months ago, the Supreme Court finally had freed a seventh convict, Perarivalan. And thus giving the precedence to this, the same order was obviously applicable to the rest of the convicts, the court says explaining its view about the verdict.

The Tamil Nadu cabinet’s recommendation was also noted by the court to the Governor four years ago in 2018. The TN government requested that the seven convicts be freed and the Governor was bound by it.

Apart from Nalini, rest of the convicts were imprisoned for the 1991 assassination of ex- Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sriharan, Santhan, Murugan, Robert Payas and RP Ravichandran along with Nalini are among them.