Sonali Phogat Murder Mystery: ‘The aide’ with access to her lockers

Goa. Sonali Phogat’s murder mystery has not so far been solved in spite of the day and night efforts being made by the police.

The new update in the murder mystery hints towards an aide who had access to her secret lockers. The aide at present is in jail while the investigation is on.

There have been many clues so far coming into light, however the story has no final links with the clues police has summed up. The new update has come from the police itself who believes to have a fresh clue hinting towards Sonali’s aide who had access to her secret lockers.

The forty two years old BJP leader was also active on Tic Tok, was on August 23, 2022 brought to a hospital at Anjuna in North Goa district from her hotel. The doctors announced she had breathed her last before arriving to the St Anthony Hospital.

Then suddenly, her nephew’s claim caught highlight of media saying  it was not a natural death instead she was murdered. During the police investigation in the matter there came up many clues constantly showing it was murder conspiracy.

Now the nephew has revealed to police that a man who was one of the closest Sonali’s aides, had eyes on her property. With the help of some other clues now it has come to the fore that he also was the one who happened to have access to her secret lockers along with the passwords.

Though the electronic locker belonging to the deceased has now been sealed by the police which was actually tried to get open by her aide Sudhir Sangwan. The attempt was in vain and could not open the locker since the password was wrong.

Police has also succeeded in recovering three diaries with details about BJP leaders and her expenses.