‘Fertilizers for Farmers no more a worry, Collectors must provide correct info’: CM Shivraj

CM Shivraj's order for farmers - 'There should be no shortage of fertilizers!'

MP Chief Minister Shivraj instructs the officials, “Farmers should not be worried any more for fertilizers, the collectors of districts should provide correct information!”

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has done the work of connecting most of the facilities available to the farmers with technology. Especially for the distribution of fertilizers, CM Chouhan has talked about giving special emphasis on the use of technology. He said that such arrangements should be made for food distribution so that farmers do not have to line up anywhere to get manure. After availability, ensure that the arrangement of distribution is also correct.

Continuous allocation is being received from the Central Government. The Chief Minister said that there is no shortage of manure in the state. There should be no imbalance of distribution. This information also reached the farmer. Smooth management of fertilizer distribution should be seen in the field. Keeping an eye on the control room, the daily information should be brought to the fore. In the system, there should be a process to send the guilty people to jail. 262 additional counters for distribution of fertilizers have been started in the state.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the distribution of manure and fertilizers should be ensured in the entire state. He directed that strict action should be taken against the violators. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that by using technology, make the arrangements effective. Along with timely distribution, farmers should be informed about the actual situation along with data from social media at the district level. For this, the collectors should make necessary arrangements.

Chief Minister Chouhan also received information about the sowing work. He said that farmers should get full price for their hard work. Particular attention should also be paid to protecting the vegetable growers coming to the mandis from taking undue advantage by middlemen and traders. State’s Fertilizer Scenario

It was informed in the meeting that the allocation of urea by the Central Government for the month of November-2022 is seven lakh meters. Tonnes (2.85 lakh MT indigenous and 4.15 lakh MT imported) and DAP allocation of 1.94 lakh MT. Tonne (0.20 lakh MT indigenous and 1.74 lakh MT imported) has been given. 4.15 lakh meters for the month of November 2022. An allocation of tonnes of imported urea has been given, against which 60 thousand mtr. Tonnes have been allotted. As on 5th November 2022, urea is 1.20 lakh m. Including ton transit, the DAP is 0.83 lakh m. 0.34 lakh m inclusive of ton transit and with NPK transit. Tons received. The stock of urea as on 4th November 2022 is 2.23 lakh meters. Tonne, DAP stock 1.52 lakh m. Tonne and stock of NPK is 1.14 lakh m. Tons.

It was informed that according to the sales volume up to November 30, 2021 last year, urea has been stored in 32 districts, DAP in 41 districts, NPK in 34 districts and DAP + NPK in 42 districts till November 4, 2022. . The marketing association has demanded 175 urea rakes and 78 rakes DAP for the month of November, against which 23 urea rakes and 15 DAP rakes have been received from November 1, 2022, with transit. Cash distribution has started from 240 double lock centers of marketing association. Additional centers have been sanctioned at double the crowded centers. Sales have started from a total of 90 centers, the remaining sales centers will start in the next two days by 7th November.