‘If the poor gets abode, my being the Chief Minister is worthwhile’, says CM Shivraj

CM Shivraj prayed for the happiness & prosperity of the citizens by offering prayers at Jogeshwar Dham in Khairi Salgna

Connecting the development of the state with the development of the common man, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan opts for such a  resolution which can become a source of inspiration for other Chief Ministers of the country. The Chief Minister says that now it will be his goal to give house to every poor of the state and only then he will be able to get the satisfaction of being the Chief Minister of the state.

Bhopal. 29 October 2022. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that if the houses of all the poor of the state are built, then it will become worthwhile for me to stay on the post of Chief Minister. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was interacting on the spot by resolving the applications of villagers of 5 panchayats at the Chief Minister’s Public Service Campaign camp at Khairi Silgaina in Sehore district on Friday. Member of Parliament Shri Ramakant Bhargava and Chairman Scheduled Tribal Finance Corporation Smt. Nirmala Barela were also present.

Congratulating the villagers of Khairi Silgena Panchayat, Chief Minister Chouhan said that the panchayat has been elected unopposed on their call. The Chief Minister also declared the Panchayat as Samaras Panchayat. He made the villagers resolve that instead of going to the police station, court-court in small disputes, they should resolve the dispute with mutual consent in the village itself. The Chief Minister also appealed to make the village school ideal. He instructed to construct internal drains to make better arrangements for cleanliness in the village.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan says that the purpose of public service campaign is that the villagers should not have to make rounds of the office and they should get the benefit in the camp itself. He directed that no eligible farmer should be deprived of the Prime Minister’s Kisan Kalyan and Chief Minister’s Samman Nidhi. The Chief Minister also confirmed to many applicants about their work from the stage itself. In one such case, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan questioned the beneficiary of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Shri Pawan. Mr. Pawan told that one lakh 38 thousand rupees have come in his account in two installments. His house is getting better. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also handed over a check of Rs.4 lakh to Sambal Yojana after the death of Shri Pawan’s wife due to snakebite. The Chief Minister directed the Collector to make Kisan Credit Cards of all farmers and livestock owners.

‘Terminate the guilty officers and blacklist the warehouse operator!’

Taking a strict stand on irregularities in weighing farmers’ produce and non-payment, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan directed the Divisional Commissioner Bhopal to terminate the guilty officers and take action against the warehouse operator. The Chief Minister said that his government has a zero tolerance policy regarding corruption, whoever commits corruption will not be spared. Expressing displeasure with the officers of warehousing and cooperatives including the Collector, the Chief Minister asked how this happened and why action was not taken till now. He clearly said that the culprits should be investigated and sent to jail. Blacklist the warehouse immediately. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan inquired about the activities of self-help groups in all the panchayats and directed that the group should be empowered to make the monthly income of women Rs. 10,000. The Chief Minister said that in order to provide self-employment to the youth along with farming, financial assistance should be provided to the youth on Employment Day.

Bhoomi-Poojan of 4 roads costing Rs 21 crore 90 lakh

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also performed bhoomi-pujan of 4 roads costing Rs. 21 crore 90 lakh. He also announced the development of a new sports ground at Khairi Silgena, construction of Machhwai road from Khairi Silgena and construction of the gate of Jageshwar Dham temple. The Chief Minister resolved many problems of the villagers of Borna, Jontala, Nandmer and Amon Gram Panchayats in the camp.

Worshiped and prayed for the happiness and prosperity of the country and the state

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan prayed for the happiness and prosperity of the citizens of the country and the state by offering prayers at Jogeshwar Dham in Khairi Salgana. The Chief Minister also extended warm wishes of Diwali to the villagers.