Now the Recruitment Scam: Fake teachers for years and years together

This is another big scam astonishing people of India. Now this is from the Education sector where illegal teachers were in service for many years and its center this time happens to be Bengaluru.

Now the Illegally appointed teachers scam is paving way to explore more such Shiksha Ghotalas in the country during the Congress government rule in last seventy years.

As has been revealed, in one instance it was found that the illegally recruited teachers have been in service for many years over a decade’s period. Now when the controversy has come out in the open, there is a massive investigation going in order to find more case of such nature.

The Department of School Education and Literacy has promptly taken notice to this scam and now is in an action mode after being dormant for decades. On Monday 03rd of October one First Division Clerk (FDA) of the Bengaluru division Deputy Director’s office has been suspended who is found to be involved in the scam.

Now more skeletons have started to tumble out of the crime closet following the arrest of K.S. Prasad, the FDA clerk was by the CID (Criminal Investigation Department).