Akshay controversy again: The ad allegedly promotes dowry

The Bollywood superstar again is stuck in controversy. The actor’s ad is said to be receiving backlash being considered to be an act of promoting dowry.

This is the latest ad by Akshay Kumar which is basically promoted by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari with a positive intent to support road safety. The actor’s ad is related to the Road Safety  campaign which has drawn lots of ire.

As per the allegations the ad is promoting the practice of dowry which is neither supported by Indian community nor by the law of the land.

Being a punishable offence in India, Dowry and dowry related advertisement are always prohibited being unacceptable. The video has been posted by the Union minister Nitin Gadkari. It was done in order to promote the six airbags in cars by the Minister.

But what is seen in the video was little objectionable to the observers. The scene in the video belongs to a daughter’s farewell where the father is upset seeing her off. Then Akshay Kumar in the dress of a police personnel is seen taking a dig at the father for sending the newly married couple in a car with just 2 airbags.

Following the publishing of the ad, the first objection came from the Shiv Sena. Party leader Piyanka Chaturvedi immediately tweeted questioning the intent of the video saying, “Does the government spends money to promote cars’ safety aspects or to promote  the evil& criminal act of dowry?”

Some users also wrote against the ad calling it a pits with loosing its plot completely. The users suggested the government ad should have talked about safety some other way instead of promoting dowry directly or indirectly.