Sexual assault on two Malayalam actresses

A commotion in a public platform does give a chance for the miscreants to molest women

How you cope up with such trauma which scares you deep within, tell the Malayalam actresses.

This is sexual assault that too on such a platform where you least expect it, says one of the two victims. The helplessness is this that you cannot fight the devil here either.

This happened in Trivendrum and the Kerala cops have filed the case, but finding the guilty is long tiresome process now.

Recounting the pain the two Malayalam actresses have suffered, they say –‘‘Be it India or outside India, no woman is safe publicly.’’

The incident occurred a couple of days ago which has been now registered by the

the Kerala police. It pertains to the sexual assault of two Malayalam actresses who say they were promoting their upcoming film at a popular mall in Kozhikode. There they were molested by unknown persons during a commotion.

On Tuesday this incident came to light through a viral video which shows what happened to one of the two actresses.  It shows one of the actresses is being touched inappropriately by a stranger and then the actress tries to hit him.

The complaint was launched in a nearby police station by the crew members associated with the film. Victims’ statements has also been recorded by the cops. Now the police is in the process of procuring CCTV footage for sake of the identification of the accused.