Taylor Swift Bag’s A Sixer: AMA Awards

On Sunday night, Taylor Swift won all six of the 2022 American Music Awards for which she was nominated, including the top honour of artist of the year.

Her work on her re-recorded Red (Taylor’s Version), which included the 10-minute music video for the song “All Too Well” featuring Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, earned her three prizes.

Swift stated she “never anticipated or imagined” that her re-recorded albums would mean anything to listeners during her acceptance speech for favourite pop album. She reminisced and thanked people who assisted her in spending “hours and hours in the studio, carefully re-creating” Red.

She praised the musicians that collaborated with her on the re-recorded version of her 2012 album, as well as Blake Lively, who directed “I Bet You Think about Me,” and Miles Teller, who co-starred in it.

Later, Swift came back on stage to receive the trophy for “All Too Well’s” best music video. She thanked the audience for their support of the song, which she said made it possible for her to release the 10-minute version of the song and create the short film featuring Sink and O’Brien.

And for her last victory, Swift reflected on how her fans’ encouragement had allowed her to make “more songs” in recent years than she had “in the entire decade before to that,” which had sustained her and made her happy.

“My followers made it apparent that they wanted to hear a lot of the music I would create. You gave me hope. I discovered that the more music I created and released, the happier I became, Swift stated. “I love you more than I can say, and I have to thank the fans in large part for my pleasure.”

Swift had already received her six accolades when the last 30 minutes of the ceremony were devoted to a lengthy homage to Lionel Richie, who had won the 2022 Icon Award, awarded to an artist whose work has had a significant global impact on the music business.