Good News on GST:  Showing the future growth the August collections rose to Rs1.44 lakh Cr  

Delhi. This is the news which shows the bright financial future out of the GST. Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for introducing it. The August GST collection is up 28% year-on-year bringing in a huge amount of Rs 1.44 lakh Cr .

This is a record collection for six months in a row now with the monthly GST revenues being 28% higher than the GST revenues in the same month last year of Rs  1,12,020 Cr .

Monthly revenues of August 2022  are the gross GST revenue which was collected last month jumped around 28 per cent years on year. In accordance with the data released today on 01 September 2022, August GST collections appeared in at Rs1,43,612 Cr out of which the SGST is Rs30,951 Cr , the CGST is Rs24,710 Cr , IGST is Rs77,782 Cr which also includes Rs42,067 Cr collected through imported goods.

Apart from this, the and cess is also Rs 10,168 Cr which includes Rs1,018 Cr  collected through the imported goods.