BS4 Diesel Ban In Delhi A Trouble For Over A Million Commuters

Delhi prohibits the entry of all BS4 diesel automobiles

According to a directive from the Commission for Air Quality Management, drivers of BS4 cars and SUVs fuelled by diesel are no longer permitted to use the roads in Delhi-NCR (CAQM). Yesterday, the CAQM had an urgent meeting and carried out Stage 4 of the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP).

Yesterday, the average Air Quality Index reading in Delhi was 458, which is considered to be “Severe Plus.” Until further directives from the CAQM, all BS4 diesel vehicles (both commercial and private) are prohibited from operating on the roads in Delhi-NCR. However, both gasoline and diesel vehicles that comply with BS6 can be driven on Delhi’s roadways.

All BS4 diesel vehicles banned from entering Delhi. The Air Quality Index in Delhi hit 458 on Thursday morning. This falls under the ‘Severe’ category.

The PCBs of NCR and DPCC, as well as other organizations in charge of carrying out GRAP-related measures, have also been urged to guarantee that Stage IV of GRAP’s actions are carried out strictly at this time.

The NCR’s people are urged by the CAQM to assist in implementing GRAP and adhere to the procedures outlined in the Citizen Charter under GRAP. Children, the elderly, and anyone with chronic respiratory, cardiovascular, cerebral, or other illnesses should stay inside as much as possible.

What separates the new and old bans

In accordance with the previous restriction imposed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), petrol and diesel vehicles older than 15 years are also permanently prohibited from being driven on highways in Delhi-NCR.

In accordance with the previous prohibition, diesel and gasoline cars must be discarded after 10 and 15 years, respectively. Alternately, owners will have to sell these automobiles to residents of other Indian states before they reach the legal driving age.

The new rule

The GRAP’s Stage 4 now prohibits BS4 diesel cars from operating on Delhi-NCR roads alone till further notice.

The CAQM will lift the ban on BS4 diesel vehicle traffic on Delhi-NCR roads if the region’s air quality improves. The CAQM will relax the prohibition on BS4 diesel cars, allowing them to be driven on Delhi-NCR roads until they reach the age of ten.

Based on the Air Quality Index, GRAP stages

According to GRAP, there are four phases of air quality in Delhi-NCR: Poor (AQI 201-300), Very Poor (AQI 301-400), Severe (AQI 401-450), and Severe Plus (AQI >450) are the first three stages.

It’s doubtful that BS4 diesels would be permitted to enter Delhi till the air quality index does not drop to Stage 1 or lower.