Conspiracy or revenge? – WHO alert against Indian cough syrups

The World Health Organization says – Be aware of the India made cough syrups. Immediately after the alert the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization has launched a probe against the said Indian cough syrups.

The WHO has issued an alert against four India-made cough syrups, which is shocking to Indian pharmacy industry. Following the alert India has promptly taken action on it with ordering a probe over it.

The alert against four India-made cough syrups, is totally unexpected for the growing Indian market in the pharmacy sector.

The global health organization has conducted a test run belonging to Indian drug samples. Out of the twenty three samples, four were found to contain Diethylene Glycol or Ethylene Glycol by the WHO.

Then the Indian Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) was contacted and resultantly a quick probe was launched on the potentially hazardous content in the cough syrups.

World Health Organization has “potentially linked” the four India-made cold and cough syrups with acute kidney injuries. More shockingly, the drugs have been associated with the sixty six deaths among children in Gambia.