Lunch Hour: How good is your feminine energy for you?

As per the marriage and family therapist, a spiritual and holistic  approach is required for maintaining a healthy relationship. Working out on this front, many people have improved their relationships with others as well as with themselves.

Not many of us have some sense of what it is like being around a person with a lot of feminine energy. The same way they are also not aware of what exactly is feminine energy, and what does it really mean being feminine?

It is also not difficult to stay away from your masculine energy a little bit being more feminine and to get closer to your feminine side. In other words, every one has a balance of  both energies having feminine and masculine ones within.

Talk about the feminine energy. It basically refers to a specific set of traits, which are considered to be the traits opposite to your masculine energy.

Going one after one, let us first talk about the masculine side which is the reflection of the masculine energy within you. The expression of your masculine side is visible when you’re working towards a goal, getting things done, making progress, along with pushing forward.

On the other hand, your feminine side has its expression when you move with the flow of life, you play, you sing, you dance, embrace your creative energy, and thus attune to your internal process.

In fact, both of these traits are not associated with gender, but body. The set of traits associated with being “feminine” are traits we used to expect from women. In the same manner, the traits belonging to being “masculine” are the ones expected out of men.

Significantly. people of all genders may be having any combination of these traits, and no traits actually are inherent to any gender, neither should be expected out of any particularly gender.

For people both the energies are necessary for embodying in order to feel like a complete person. Still being engrossed in something without realizing the gender expectations, are better for any person be it a man or a woman. That will in life, benefit you to being clear, directive, as well as progressive.. Thus it certainly is satisfying for all of us to have outlets for both our feminine and masculine energies.

Culture is the reason answering the question -Why many of us are not in sink with our feminine energy traits?  In almost all cultures around the world, the masculine energy is preferred considering it being about progress and moving forward. But then it creates a feeling of being off-balance, both culturally and individually.

Overvaluing masculinity is like spending most of our time working with very little time resting or taking vacation, and also connecting with other spontaneously.

And that overvaluation of masculinity does lead us to become dependent on man-made things, for example -our laptop or smartphone, and making us spend less time in nature and expressing the creative selves within.

The bottom-line is overly masculine or under-feminine leaves most of the people longing for something else—something which is rejuvenating, something which is wild,  something spontaneous or something resourceful. This is where the need of the feminine energy is visible!