Lunch Hour: It is too easy to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is not impossible and you yourself can also find ways to get rid of the habit..provided you really want to quit

Once you have decided to quit, you can quit anything any way. It is gonna be easy or tough, that depends upon the individual as well as the situation he or she undergoes.

As such quitting smoking is not impossible and there are many ways it can be done. You yourself can also find ways to get rid of the habit.

It is not quitting tobacco or smoking, it is about fighting the craving. Remember, you can always stand up against these cravings. Let us try these easy ways to resist tobacco cravings.

Mind the time factor

The inner urge of smoking is not a permanent feeling. It certainly is time bound like any other thing in life. This is why know that no matter how strong is the urge, it sure is gonna go away within ten minutes. You can easily procrastinate  the craving for smoking and once the ten minutes are passed, you have less craving for it. Therefore, know if you can resist the urge this way every time you get one step closer to stopping smoking for good.

Reducing can take you to stopping

If you have the will power to reduce the number of cigarettes you certainly have the capability to stop it forever. Hence, keep reducing it and make sure you come to one cigarette a day finally after a couple of weeks. Then any day afterwards you can call it a day.

Opt for nicotine replacements

There are a variety of short-acting nicotine replacement therapies which do help. Among these nasal sprays or inhalers , nicotine gum, lozenges can be considered. These are short-acting therapies which can help you overcome intense cravings.

The triggers need to be avoided

There are many triggers for the smokers like a smoker friend, parties, waiting, tea – coffee time, stress, fatigue, etc. these are all too difficult to overcome and here to fight them you have to find ways yourself. Find out the worst trigger which is most difficult for you to get away with and work on that trigger first. Make plan or plans to get rid of these bad-triggers stopping you to stop smoking.

Do not go for just last one

Every time you think of quitting, you go for the last cigarette. You think after this there will never be any cigarette in your life. This is where you falter. This is the easiest and the most obvious temptation you will always have until and unless you have the will power to resist it. Getting yourself fooled with this just last one thingi does usually end up leading to one more. Thus the continuity goes on.