Pandemic: Demon Or A Heart Slayer?

Pandemic's Devastative Effect

There is a concern over Covid-19 infection and increased incidence of heart attack. On World Heart Day, Prof Rajesh Vijayvergiya from the Cardiology Department, PGI, says infection dangerously affects the heart by decreasing its pumping capacity and causes acute blockage of coronary arteries, which may lead to adverse events.

“Due to the pandemic, there was a surge in cardiac risk factors such as smoking, increased body weight, physical and mental stress, and discontinuation of cardiac drugs, which leads to increase in heart attacks,” says Vijayvergiya.


Prevention For Cardiac Arrest

Begin risk factor assessment in adults at age 20

Assess smoking status, poor diet, alcohol intake and no physical activity

Record blood pressure, body mass index and pulse at least every two years

Measure fasting serum cholesterol, and blood glucose at least every five years

After 40 years, healthy individuals should be evaluated for heart disease

Unlike other chronic illnesses, cardiac diseases can be prevented to a great extent by simply incorporating a couple of healthy lifestyle-related changes.

Prof Vijayvergiya says by getting involved in regular physical activity, reducing salt intake, regularising sleep, minimising psychological stress and regular meditation, Cardiac risk can be avoided.There is a concern about cardiac death and heart attacks in young people also, although they are doing regular gym activity and having a strict low calories diet.

Prof Vijayvergiya adds certain cardiac risk factors such as smoking, strenuous physical exercise or excess of mental stress and a family history of heart disease can also lead to acute cardiac events such as death or heart attack in a seemingly healthy individual.