Tumakuru: Inhumane Behavior Of Doctors Causes Life of A Mom And Her New Born Twins

A Line from the movie Munna Bhai MBBS comes to mind “Agar Emergency Hai Toh Form Bharna Aur Documents Dena Jaruri Hai Kya?”

Dr. K Sudhakar, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, announced that the on-call physician Usha AR and three nurses had been suspended awaiting departmental investigation.

In a tragic occurrence, the Tumakuru district general hospital officials refused to accept a lady for birth because she could not provide her health card. As a result, the mother and her newborn twins perished on Thursday.

Kasturi, a 30-year-old woman from Tamil Nadu, lost both of her newborn children at her home in the Tumakuru city neighborhood of Bharathinagar.

The hospital’s lack of concern prompted a protest from the community, which demanded the dismissal of the staff members and doctors responsible. Until the guilty are brought to justice, the woman’s relatives and other family members also rejected to cremate the body.

Locals claimed that Kasturi, who had travelled from Tamil Nadu, was lodging there with her daughter in a leased home. On Wednesday night, Kasturi, who was expecting, started experiencing labour pains.

She was driven in a car to the government district hospital. The government district hospital’s administrators and employees, however, denied entrance in the lack of an Aadhaar and mother’s card.

Even though the woman was in labour, the physicians refused to treat her or admit her to the hospital. They requested that she be transferred to Bengaluru’s Victoria Hospital.

Kasturi went back to her house since she lacked the funds to travel to Bengaluru. She gave birth to twin sons on Thursday, but she passed away from severe hemorrhage.

The twins also passed away after their mother did. The government hospital’s physicians were blamed by the public for the fatalities.

Both Congress and the JDS have harshly criticized the episode. Dr. K Sudhakar, the minister of health and family welfare, went to the hospital on Thursday night to assess the situation. The minister noted that three nurses and the on-call doctor Usha AR had been suspended pending a government investigation.

In the meantime, JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy attacked the administration on Twitter. “A long back, I tweeted about the recession event and the administration’s dark side, which is that it is mired in politics, elections, and propaganda.

However, a worse and more heartbreaking occurrence occurred in Tumkur, which shocked the whole state of Karnataka (sic),” he wrote, calling for Sudhakar’s resignation.

Is the therapy more crucial than the mother card? , Rules matter or life? What is crucial, @mla sudhakar? Is compliance with the norm required for non-corruption treatment? Congress criticised the minister.

Assuring action against the guilty, District Health Officer Dr Manjunath said that Aadhaar card and mother card are not mandatory for admitting patients for delivery.

Expressing grief over the incident, Minister for Muzarai Shahikala Jolle termed it “unfortunate” saying the case should be probed thoroughly. Let the investigation reveal who is responsible for this incident and those guilty should be punished. “I will speak to the Health Minister in this regard,” she stated.

National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) Police in Tumakuru city are investigating the matter.