Type-2 Sugar: Lads have a prerogative to reverse it

Until now it was not so, but now the experts say type-2 diabetes can be reversed in lads that too without medication.

Type 2 diabetes now no longer irreversible. Medical science hold that it can be reversed with no medication just by restricting calories.  And in the process, less than 800 kcals is good. Unfortunately, in any society, drastic diets are seen as difficult to follow.

Instead of promoting global diet pyramids, fast foods and food fads, why not tweak our traditional diets for making them delicious as well as healthy. Why not we eat mindfully with discipline — eat on time, eat less and eat slowly, etc.

Let us just talk about India, modern lifestyles now leads to sedentary habits across the country. There are dietary changes seen in both urban and rural communities. With the easy availability and lower cost of cereals, especially wheat flour, polished rice, apart from the consumption of too much of sugars, starches, salt and oils/fats, the health is being badly ignored. This also is an open invitation to diabetes.

Sadly one more food habit today is killing healthy body which is this that people in general eat more, and eat fast.

This life style contributes to weight gain with diabetes in bonus. Both global and local cuisines with the fast food items give bare minimum respect to health. That’s what makes people easy prey to vulnerability before diseases like Type-2 diabetes.

Be it a milk product or milk itself, it is there remaining as the only protein sources in our life style carrying predominantly vegetarian economy. That must have a fortification of Vitamin D too. For health safety food regulations are a must, the are urgently needed to ascertain that out food items are free from chemicals and pesticide residues. Very few are aware that these elements can not only contribute towards the development of diabetes, it also can cause cancers, as well as other non-communicable diseases.

Not only the risk of strokes, diabetes increases dementia too.

Today with the Sugar attack, India needs to encourage locally-grown healthy vegetables and fruits.

From the modern Indian diets, excessive fats and carbohydrates needs to be reduced whereas protein intake must be increased. Better and bigger intake of fibre is also needed from fruits and vegetables in urban diets.

Less oil in cooking is also needed which should be restricted to less than half kilogram per person per month. Do not at all go for transfats like vanaspati and also do not forget to avoid reheating oils or food.