Women At Risk: Thyroid attacks them first

Though the disease is genetic still it attacks women more than men

A new research warns women around the world about the Thyroid disease. It says women are five times more accident prone for the attack of the diseases than men.

The disease is one of the common ones today which is now known as more fatal for women than men. Let us look how the signs can be spotted.

Talk about thyroid than clearly a malfunctioning thyroid is comparatively more common problem beyond your imaginations. That too it is more attentive towards women, with hyperthyroidism afflicting younger women more rapidly.

When thyroid disorder is explained by doctors they did not mince words explaining its symptoms and treatment options at the same time.

Dr Kathleen Sek works at Alexandra Hospital as an endocrinology consultant with National University Hospital. She is also in-charge of the Fast and Chronic programs. She explains that the thyroid gland is located at the base of the neck in a shape of a butterfly-shaped organ.

The gland keeps making, storing and releasing thyroid hormones into the blood and in response to that the blood keeps regulating metabolism.

According to Dr Katherine Sek the pace of the energy production and its use in the body is influenced by the Thyroid hormones. For the normal functioning of the Thyroid all of your prime limbs including brain, heart, blood vessels, liver, muscles, skin and reproductive system all require thyroid hormones.

Here a disorder sometimes occurs with occurrence of an abnormality in the gland’s structure. That happens in case of a growth, or in the amount of hormones secreted.

Dr Sek says Thyroid problem comes up in two forms mainly as Hyperthyroidism and Hyperthyroidism.  When the thyroid gland releases too much thyroid hormones then it comes as Hyperthyroidism. And in case the Hyperthyroidism, it doesn’t produce enough of thyroid hormones.

As per the doctors’ observation out of the of disorders, hypothyroidism is likely more common. The autoimmune disorder is the most common of various triggers for thyroid disorder.

For some unknown reasons when the immune system produces antibodies against normal tissue in the body then the Autoimmune disorders occurs. Overtly doctors relate this to be a genetic link thus the thyroid disorders commonly run in the family.