Avatar 2 – The Way of Water : When the unexpected happens

The unexpected seems to be expected this time with the Avatar 2. James Cameron holds that Avatar The Way of Water is ‘worst business case’, which needs to earn $2 billion to break even.

The Avatar Director James Cameron sounds hopeless about his own flick now.  He looks concerned when he says that the film has to earn a huge amount of money that too will only be required for recovering its investments.

Avatar movie with its part two ready to release is expected to be hitting theaters on December 16.

Avatar: The Way of Water was expected to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The cost of the sequel is the bigger story. In comparison to the first movie in the year 2009, it seems pretty expensive this time.  James Cameron’s sequel is considered to have a budget of the production alone amounts to $250 million.

Thus this movie now makes James Cameron as one of the most expensive film director which is putting added pressure on the box office performance of the film.

Now the same director says the film, which has been a movie of almost last one decade during its making, is the ‘worst business case’.

Cameron reveals that the film may have to earn in excess of two billion dollars which will only be sufficient to touch the break even mark as far as the investment is concerned.

James Cameron prefers not to reveal any specific numbers about the  budget of the flick but in an interview lately he said that it is too expensive.

Expressing concerns over such a high budget with Disney as well as the 20th Century Studios, the director also commented how it might prove to be “the worst business case in movie history.”

He explains, in order for Avatar: The Way of Water to succeed  bringing in a profit, the movie has to “be the third or fourth highest-grossing movie in history.

He says, that is where is our threshold. that is where is our break even.