‘Shush Deepawali!’ : Salma Hayek mistook Shubh Diwali

Seldom happens something of this kind. And this happens out of the ignorance about the originally outside culture. Transpired the same with the once Hollywood superstar Salma Hayek. She said Shush Deepavali instead of Shubh Deepawali.

Salma wrote Happy Diwali. Shush Deepawali. And the mistake immediately caught attention. They said, dear Salma, it is actually Shubh Deepawali, not what you wrote ‘Sush Diwali’

Salma Hayek shares this picture feeling elated about greeting fellow Indians in America during this Diwali.

In the latest Instagram post, Salma Hayek wishes her Indian fans “Happy Diwali.” She also shared  a pic of herself holding goodies. There she writes  “Happy Diwali. Shush Deepavali #india #lights”

Within no time her Indian fans pointed out the spelling mistake right away in the comment section. One of the users writes there, “Shubh* but it’s okay you’re Salma,” whereas the other one says, “It’s *Shubh* still thank you so very much Salma!”

One of the users also defended Salma with the word “Shush” calling the mistake right. He writes – “Shush is right! Less noise, more light”