A Tragic New Delhi Bus Incident that Gave a Wave Of Goosebumps 

When a woman tries to cross a road in Delhi, she is fatally struck by a bus.The driver and his assistant fled the scene of the accident, according to the police, and the woman died at the scene.

Attempting to cross the street, the woman was struck by a bus.Today in Karol Bagh in the heart of Delhi, a woman was struck by a bus as she attempted to cross a street.

A CCTV camera recorded the incident. Sapna Yadav, who worked at a call centre in Jhandewalan, a busy market district close to Karol Bagh, has been identified as the woman.

The woman can be seen on camera crossing the street to the left of the bus that has stopped. She appears to run in front of the bus.

The bus, however, starts moving suddenly and runs over her. People on the road are seen frantically shouting at the driver to stop.

The police said Ms Yadav, a resident of east Delhi’s Shastri Park, died on the spot.

The police said they have seized the vehicle of accident.

The bus driver and his assistant fled from the accident site. The police have formed teams to catch them.

In this incident both the driver and the lady are equally at fault.

The driver as why was he stopping in the middle of nowhere and mostly the lady as why she was walking in the middle of the road and then suddenly getting in front of a bus from the area of zero visibility or commonly known as ‘The Blind Spot’ to the driver even though there was no exit for her to take.

A life was lost and Bharat express extends it condolences towards the family of the deceased.

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